Brandon’s normal commute

I met with Brandon Evans the same week that I chatted with Fa-Linn and Kevin, but you’d never know it from the weather. Given how temperate it had been beforehand we had decided to meet in the Royal Sunalta Park and do the interview en plein. Of course, being Calgary, things turned cold overnight and we had a huge dump of snow. Getting there turned into a bit of a slog. Fortunately, we had arranged an alternate and we met at a nearby Starbucks – a little noisy but a bit more comfortable than sitting on a snowy bench in the cold.

Brandon Evans #4

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Kevin’s “no nonsense” commute

I’ve known Kevin Dalton for a number of years, but only professionally. Our cycling paths have only crossed once before, when I was photographing the 2014 Winter Bike to Work Day events. I sat down for a chat with Kevin last November when the snow was still sparse and the real cold hadn’t materialized yet. We also got together in mid-December to film some of Kevin’s morning commute for the documentary.

Kevin Dalton #1

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