Except They’re Riding Their Bikes on the Sidewalk

Now that summer is upon us, for the most part, and gauged solely by the weather and not the calendar, I’m seeing a lot more bicycle commuters out there. One of the things that I’ve noticed now that there’s more cyclists on the streets is that there’s also way more people riding on the sidewalk Sure, I understand, as Sean Carter at BikeBike, and others have pointed out, that they have to do this because of the lack of safe and efficient cycling infrastructure. Never-the-less, whenever I see someone on the sidewalk I’m always reminded of the very first interview, and filming that we ever did for the movie.

Way back when, at Tom Babin’s FrostBike book launch at Shelf Life Books, René Potvin dropped in while we were setting up. At the time, René was a recent transplant from Montreal. He started talking to us about the differences in cycling between his home town and Calgary. This is some of the more interesting things that René had to say about bicycle commuting, Montreal, and Calgary, including riding on the sidewalk…

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Introducing the Four Riders of Bicicles

Welcome back, winter cyclists. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Last year was all about profiles of a few winter cyclists that I was privileged to interview. Four of those bicycle commuters will be featured in our Bicicles documentary – (clockwise, below) Ellen HadleyFa-Linn WoollingsMike Scullen, and Scott Walton.


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