We Made It!

Thank’s to everyone that donated to our crowdfunding campaign, and especially to the two anonymous angel investors that took us over our funding goal with two hours to spare. The campaign remains open, however, and we continue to accept donations and give out perks. We still have three of the Clarijs customized bike bags, and seven of the BikeBike winter tunes to hand out.

clarijs   clarijs-bag-perk

bikebike   bikebike-tune

Remember to check out our crowdfunding site on IndieGoGo and donate to get perks and help us to the next level.

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Last Day

We’re on the last day of the campaign. Monday was a great day, but Tuesday is going to have to be even better. We have $2,000 more to go to reach our $7,500 goal. That’s our mini-goal for today, folks – $2,000 – do or die! First thing when you get logged in at work, open your browser and go to our crowdfunding site and donate if you haven’t already. Thanks for your donation if you’ve already given. You can donate more than once, by the way. Finally, take the link and share it with all of your friends and acquaintances and ask them to give generously.

Big, big shout-out to these generous backers that made this a special day, getting us to the $5,500 level:

  • David Lawson
  • Sonya Degner (donated again)
  • Rob Vestrum
  • Kay Anderson
  • Heather MacDermid (donated again)
  • Paul Muir

We’re sold out of the Buff Canada buffs, both styles, the Ridley’s Cycle gift cards, and the Cateye lights. But we still have quite a few of the BikeBike Winter Tune Gift Certificates, and the Clarijs Bike Bags. Still, it might be frenzy tomorrow, so you might want to check in early and snag yourself a Winter Tune or/and one of our Bicicles customized, Clarijs Bike Bags. It’s getting warmer out and you might need that Winter Tune to make things right with your bike after this very wintery interlude.
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The end is right round the corner

Hello winter cyclists. It’s been cold but the rides have been great – maybe not awesome, but certainly great. It looks like it’s going to be warmer this week in good old YYC with temperatures rising to about -10C on a few days. Really doesn’t do much for commuters though since our morning and evening commutes will still be in the -20C range, YMMV.  Dress accordingly, watch out for ice under those snowy patches.

We’re now in the last two days of the campaign and we’ve got a ways to go – another $2,500 is needed to reach our $7,500 goal by end-of-day tomorrow. There’s still quite a few of our primo perks left – two of the Cateye lights, seven of the BikeBike winter tunes and seven of the Clairjs, Bicicles customized bike bags. Get them before they disappear from our virtual shelves.

cateye-volt-100-small bikebike-tune clarijs-bag-perk

Here’s a small thank you for our backers of the past several days that have stretched our contributions to this level…

  • Jerry Richardson
  • Craig Landry
  • Gerald Wheatley
  • Sonya Degner
  • Gerardo Marquez
  • Curt Mah
  • Philip and Kiri

Happy Pedalling.

7 more days of crowdfunding bliss

Only seven more days to go before we reach the end of our crowdfunding campaign and we’re looking for a big push to get us to our goal. We have a little over $3,000 more to raise so please mobilize your network of friends, family and co-workers to get them to watch the Bicicles trailer and to visit our campaign site.

The latest Bicicles backers that have helped us get closer to our goal, and who deserve a super shoutout:

  • Dale Calkins
  • Dave Bennett
  • David Crowe
  • Fa-Linn Woolings
  • Gary Demofsky
  • Jocelyn Kelln
  • Joe Bulman
  • Timothy Nikkel
  • Todd Holt

I would like to point out that we’ve had several anonymous donors to our campaign, and a number of individuals that have donated in lieu of picking up one of our fabulous perks. Thank you very much.

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