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Introducing the Four Riders of Bicicles

Welcome back, winter cyclists. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Last year was all about profiles of a few winter cyclists that I was privileged to interview. Four of those bicycle commuters will be featured in our Bicicles documentary – (clockwise, below) Ellen HadleyFa-Linn WoollingsMike Scullen, and Scott Walton.


Thank you Ellen, Fa-Linn, Mike and Scott. You were all exceedingly patient with us as we filmed your commutes and disrupted your morning and afternoon routines. Out of all the filming we did last winter, we had the most fun on the days were were able to work with our riders and their families.

We filmed all four of our riders starting in late November and finished up with the last ride at the end of January. It’ll be hard to tell that these were winter rides, though, except for Ellen’s, because there was hardly any snow on the ground. Depending on your point of view, this was either a great year for winter commuting, or something that you might classify as “meh”. It was great because it was really pretty easy to get on your ride and peddle into work. On some days, it was closing in on spring conditions. On the other hand, where’s the challenge in that. On the other-other hand, of course, if you were ever contemplating riding through the winter, this was the year to do it.

For the rest of this year I will be blogging about our filmmaking progress. Bicicles, the movie, is slowly starting to take shape. We believe we’ve captured all of the video that we need and we’re starting in earnest to pull it all altogether into our story about winter commuting by bicycle in Calgary. There’s lots to do, but we’re still hopeful that we can make a September release date. Watch this space for details.

In addition to filming our winter commuters, we interviewed quite a few movers and shakers about bicycle commuting in Calgary. A lot of the conversations we’ve had revolved around infrastructure, with the Cycle Track Network, which was launched with some fanfare last summer, dominating many of those conversations. In fact, we spent more than a few hours out on the Cycle Track Network filming and interviewing winter bicycle commuters.

More later, bicycle commuters…

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