We Made It!

Thank’s to everyone that donated to our crowdfunding campaign, and especially to the two anonymous angel investors that took us over our funding goal with two hours to spare. The campaign remains open, however, and we continue to accept donations and give out perks. We still have three of the Clarijs customized bike bags, and seven of the BikeBike winter tunes to hand out.

clarijs   clarijs-bag-perk

bikebike   bikebike-tune

Remember to check out our crowdfunding site on IndieGoGo and donate to get perks and help us to the next level.

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7 more days of crowdfunding bliss

Only seven more days to go before we reach the end of our crowdfunding campaign and we’re looking for a big push to get us to our goal. We have a little over $3,000 more to raise so please mobilize your network of friends, family and co-workers to get them to watch the Bicicles trailer and to visit our campaign site.

The latest Bicicles backers that have helped us get closer to our goal, and who deserve a super shoutout:

  • Dale Calkins
  • Dave Bennett
  • David Crowe
  • Fa-Linn Woolings
  • Gary Demofsky
  • Jocelyn Kelln
  • Joe Bulman
  • Timothy Nikkel
  • Todd Holt

I would like to point out that we’ve had several anonymous donors to our campaign, and a number of individuals that have donated in lieu of picking up one of our fabulous perks. Thank you very much.

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We’ve made the magical (?) half-way point of the campaign. Our little mini-goals have been moderately successful. The big push was our “half-way at half-way” mini-campaign. Our goal was to reach our funding mid-point at the half-way point in the campaign. Today’s the half-way point, and we were close – so close to making our mini-goal. We’ve reached the lofty heights of $3,540 and our goal was $3,750 today – only a teeny difference of $210. That’s only one Clarijs Bike Bag, and one Cateye Volt 100 light. So close …


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Here we are at day three already

Times flying by. Here we are at the end of Day Three of our campaign. Only 27 more days to go. We’ve added a few more generous backers today that I’d like to call out:

  • Bev Loughran
  • James Ash

We also had a sizeable donation from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. They decided to pick up one of the Ridley’s $100 gift cards that you can apply to anything in either of Ridley Cycles stores. There’s only a limited number of these cards available, so visit the Bicicles Indiegogo page and sign up for one of them today. Maybe I should add that they’d make excellent Christmas gifts too, along with the ticket to the Bicicles World Premiere.


We’ve had summer like biking conditions up until now, and there’s only a vague hint that snow might be on the way overnight. I’m not going to hold my breath on that, so I’ll leave you with a reminder of what that might be like.


Bicicles crowdfunding campaign kicking off tomorrow

Our crowdfunding campaign kicks off tomorrow, Monday November 14th, on Indiegogo. We’ve been filming for the last couple of years and now it’s time to put the whole thing together. Our team’s been busy in post-production shooting for the Bicicles World Premiere on Saturday, February 11th next year. We’re planning on raising at least $7,500 to help us get there. Stay tuned for breaking information on the crowdfunding campaign on @bicyclesyyc on Twitter and Facebook. And watch this space in the coming days for information on the Premiere and our campaign product and services sponsors.


And speaking of helping us to get there, we’d like to give a shoutout to Power-in-Motion who have been most generous in their sponsorship of Bicicles.


Power-in-Motion are located in the Eau Claire mall downtown. In addition to being specialty purveyors of electric and folding bikes (and electric folding bikes), they also manufacture and distribute the MotionHeat Rechargeable Heated Glove Liner. These liners are what protect Ellen’s hands on all her winter rides. They’ll keep your hands toasty for the long rides into work this winter. Not only for biking, they’re a big hit with snowmobilers and even a skydiver or two.


So, show your appreciation of their support for winter cycling, and drop into their store in Eau Claire and check out the gloves and all of their bikes. Tell them Bicicles sent you.

Bicicles World Premiere

Announcing the World Premiere of Bicicles, the documentary about winter commuting by bicycle on Saturday, February 11th, 2017. The premiere is a gala event jointly sponsored by Bull and Ship Films, Bike Calgary and Cyclepalooza. The screening will be held mid-afternoon at The Globe Cinema in downtown Calgary with the afterparty at The Craft Beer Market. Tickets will be available through the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that will be kicking off on Monday, November 14th. Watch this space, as well as our @biciclesyyc Twitter and Facebook channels for breaking information on the crowdfunding campaign and the premiere.


2016 Calgary Bike Awards

Way back when at the beginning of July, the Calgary bike community celebrated the 2016 Calgary Bike Awards. The event was hosted by Bike Calgary at the downtown Legion. That was the night that we premiered the Bicicles official trailer. I also wrote about some of our “people” that were nominated and that won awards that night. We also did a bit of filming to capture as much of the ceremony as we could. It’s taken us a bit to pull it all together, but here, for your viewing pleasure, are all the highlights of the Awards ceremony.


The Bicicles Trailer – A Promise of More Things to Come

Here it is. The official Bicicles movie trailer. It premiered at the annual Calgary Bike Awards ceremony tonight where several of our friends were honoured with nominations. Congratulations to all of the nominees and winners at tonight’s Awards. A special shoutout to Fa-Linn and Mike on being nominated as Bike Commuter of the Year. Also to Kim and Kayley of Commit to Commute, who we interviewed for the movie, for winning as Commuter(s) of the Year, and especially for all the work they do to normalize cycling, especially winter cycling, in Calgary. Winning the Lawrence Hong Bike Advocate of the Year award was Kyle Stewart for his work for YYC Bike to School Day and for getting kids on bikes. Sean Carter of BikeBike fame, another of our excellent interviews, was also nominated for the Bike Advocate of the Year.

Kudos to Kimberley Nelson from Bike Calgary for pulling this all together at the last minute after the unexpected and sudden change of venue and the unexpected loss of some of the volunteer help. In the end, with everyone pitching in, it all came together fabulously. Not to mention the excellent MC work by Mike Morrison of Mike’s BloggityBlog.

Kids on Bikes – YYC Bike to School

Counted amongst our winter commuters are students of all ages that make their way to and from school by bike. We never did get around to talking with the Elboya Bike Gang (and Lori Beattie’s Kids Winter Bike to School Gang), some of Calgary’s most famous student winter commuters, but we did have a conversation with Kyle Stewart and a couple of this students about Calgary Bike to School Day. Calgary Bike to School day is an annual event that happens every June. Kyle started the program three years ago, overcoming a few hurdles that stymied previous attempts at getting schools behind kids on bikes. It’s grown from a local event at Simon Fraser School in the NW to a program with thousands of students participating at schools across the city. The goal is to encourage students to get on their bikes and ride to school, and to demonstrate that isn’t that big a deal. Hopefully the feeling rubs off and they’ll continue to ride every day and not just on that one special day every year. Judging by what Kyle’s students are saying, it seems to be working.

Kyle has been nominated for the Lawrence Hong Advocate of the Year at the upcoming Calgary Bike Awards.


Except They’re Riding Their Bikes on the Sidewalk

Now that summer is upon us, for the most part, and gauged solely by the weather and not the calendar, I’m seeing a lot more bicycle commuters out there. One of the things that I’ve noticed now that there’s more cyclists on the streets is that there’s also way more people riding on the sidewalk Sure, I understand, as Sean Carter at BikeBike, and others have pointed out, that they have to do this because of the lack of safe and efficient cycling infrastructure. Never-the-less, whenever I see someone on the sidewalk I’m always reminded of the very first interview, and filming that we ever did for the movie.

Way back when, at Tom Babin’s FrostBike book launch at Shelf Life Books, René Potvin dropped in while we were setting up. At the time, René was a recent transplant from Montreal. He started talking to us about the differences in cycling between his home town and Calgary. This is some of the more interesting things that René had to say about bicycle commuting, Montreal, and Calgary, including riding on the sidewalk…

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