December 11, 2016 kimkelln

The end is right round the corner

Hello winter cyclists. It’s been cold but the rides have been great – maybe not awesome, but certainly great. It looks like it’s going to be warmer this week in good old YYC with temperatures rising to about -10C on a few days. Really doesn’t do much for commuters though since our morning and evening commutes will still be in the -20C range, YMMV.  Dress accordingly, watch out for ice under those snowy patches.

We’re now in the last two days of the campaign and we’ve got a ways to go – another $2,500 is needed to reach our $7,500 goal by end-of-day tomorrow. There’s still quite a few of our primo perks left – two of the Cateye lights, seven of the BikeBike winter tunes and seven of the Clairjs, Bicicles customized bike bags. Get them before they disappear from our virtual shelves.

cateye-volt-100-small bikebike-tune clarijs-bag-perk

Here’s a small thank you for our backers of the past several days that have stretched our contributions to this level…

  • Jerry Richardson
  • Craig Landry
  • Gerald Wheatley
  • Sonya Degner
  • Gerardo Marquez
  • Curt Mah
  • Philip and Kiri

Happy Pedalling.

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